Working Group γ-cr-ν
Very high energy gamma rays, cosmic rays and neutrinos & hadronic AGN emission models
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                    Proposals and Activity Reports of the working group (in French; all files in PDF format)

proposal 2008
proposal & activity report 2009
proposal & activity report 2010

                    Presentations from past meetings of the γ-cr-ν working group (all files in PDF format)

First Meeting (December 9, 2008, at the Observatoire de Paris)
AGN, Massive Black Holes, Accretion Suzy Collin (LUTh)
Experimental status, results and interpretation
Summary on AGN observations at very high energies Lucie Gérard (APC)
Results from Auger & Interpretation of the existing data on UHECR composition Denis Allard (APC)
The status of astro-neutrino experiments Damien Dornic (CPPM)
Status of the CTA design study Clementina Medina (LUTh)
The AGN science case for CTA Hélène Sol (LUTh)
Emission Models
Estimation of  the neutrino spectrum from AGNs using the measured VHE gamma ray spectrum Garabed Halladjian (CPPM)
Hadronic emission models Felix Spanier (Universität Würzburg)
Leptonic jet models for VHE AGN Jean-Philippe Lenain (LUTh)
High-energy processes at the base of magnetized, baryon loaded jets Gustavo E Romero (Universidad Nacional de La Plata)
Secondary content of the high energy cosmic ray electron spectrum Jens Ruppel (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)
Thermal and non-thermal coronae of accreting black-holes Renaud Belmont (CESR)
Second Meeting (January 25th/26th, 2010, at the Observatoire de Paris/Meudon)
all talks are here

                    Presentations and publications connected with the working group

Presentation of the working group, PPF-NAG meeting, 12/12/08 at the LUTh A. Zech 
SS433 as a natural laboratory for astrophysical neutrinos, seminar at the LUTh, 06/04/09  M. Reynoso 
A synchrotron self-Compton model for the VHE gamma-ray emission from Cen A,  proceeding of the Int. Cosmic Ray Conf. '09 J.-P.. Lenain et al.
Presentation of the working group, SF2A, 07/02/09 at Besançon A. Zech 
Models for the high-energy emission of Centaurus A, HEPRO II conference, Buenos Aires 2009 M. Reynoso, C. Medina, G. E. Romero 
Science Prospects for CTA, SNOWPAC workshop 2010, Snowbird, Utah, USAA. Zech
Update on results from the working group, SF2A, Marseille, June 2010G. Halladjian, A. Zech

                    Links to material on the internet that could be of interest

 website of the GDR-PCHE (in French)
 website of the PPF-NAG (in French)
 website of the Pierre Auger Observatory
 website of  the H.E.S.S. collaboration   
 website of the CTA project
 website of the ANTARES experiment
 website of the KM3NeT project
website of the Extra-Galactic Soures workshop in Heidelberg '09
SOPHIA code for photo-hadronic processes in astrophysics

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