General Relativity Trimester IHP
Gravitational Wave Data Analysis
13-17 November 2006

Coordinator: Luc Blanchet

The workshop will be devoted to: (i) the theoretical aspects of gravitational radiation which are directly used in the data analysis of detectors LIGO/VIRGO/LISA/... (construction of template waveforms), (ii) the specific data analysis techniques that are currently implemented in these detectors (depending on the type of sources), (iii) the relevant astrophysical models of some particularly promising gravitational-wave sources.

Please note that the workshop will not consist of courses, but rather specialized talks, on exciting current research topics. Since most of students following the courses will probably attend the workshop, the speakers will provide short pedagogical introduction to the subject before entering the more advanced details.

The workshop will be held the afternoons of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and the morning of Thursday, of the week from November 13th to 17th 2006. It will be held in Amphi Hermite of the Institut Henri Poincaré.
List of participants