General Relativity Trimester IHP
From geometry to numerics
IHP, Paris, 20-24 November 2006

Eric Gourgoulhon and José Luis Jaramillo

This workshop aims to bring together scientists from the applied mathematics/geometry community and scientists from the numerical relativity community. A special emphasis will be put on the presentation of the latest mathematical results which may be relevant for the numerical integration of Einstein equations.

Speakers:  P.C. Aichelburg, M. Ansorg, L. Bieri, L. Blanchet, L. Buchman, Y. Choquet-Bruhat, P. Chrusciel, T. Damour, J. Frauendiener, M. Hannam, T. Harada, S. Hayward, J. Isenberg, J. L. Jaramillo, S. Klainerman, C. Klein, B. Krishnan,  P.G. LeFloch, L. Lehner, L. Lindblom, C. Lousto, Y. Maday, V. Moncrief, A. Nagar, J. Novak, N. O' Murchadha, D. Pollack, O. Rinne, M. Saijo, E. Schnetter, M. Tiglio, K. Uryu, J. A. Valiente-Kroon, J. van Meter, D. Walsh, J . Winicour

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