Alessandra BUONANNO (University of Maryland and APC)

Gravitational Wave Analysis (II)

Dr. Alessandra Buonanno

Department of Physics, University of Maryland

2 lectures (5 hours): 2, 3 November 2006

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 Lecture 1:

A. Basics of data-analysis for compact binaries

     A1. Noise spectral density; pattern functions and angular sensitivity

     A2. Matched filtering; intrinsic and extrinsic parameters; fitting factors

 B. Templates in the adiabatic approximation for non-spinning and spinning, precessing binaries: low-mass binaries

     B1. Stationary phase approximation

     B2. Features of spinning, precessing dynamics

     B3. Phenomenological templates

     B4. Physical templates for single-spin and double-spin precessing binaries


Lecture 2:

 C. Templates in the non-adiabatic approximation for non-spinning and spinning, precessing binaries: high-mass binaries

     C1. The last cycles problem

     C2. Effective-one-body and Pade resummation

     C3. Transition from inspiral to plunge to ring-down

     C4. Detection template families

 D. First-order comparisons with numerical relativity

     D1. Features of inspiral-merger(-plunge) and ring-down phases

     D2. Comparison with PN adiabatic models

     D3. Comparison with effective-one-body model