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Prochains Seminaires

Ringdown spectroscopy in binary black hole mergers with high overtones : application to local horizon dynamics and gravitational waveforms, Pierre Mourier

17 février 2022

The last phase of a binary black hole coalescence is accompanied by a damped, late train of gravitational radiation known as the ringdown phase (...)

An oversized Faraday screen wrapping around the parsec-scale jet in 3C 273, Mikhail Lisakov (MPIFR, Bonn)

10 février 2022

In recent studies, several active galactic nuclei (AGNs) have exhibited gradients of the Faraday rotation measure (RM) transverse to their (...)

Tiago Costa, Quasar feedback and the origin of extended Lyα glow in z > 6 quasars

3 février 2022

The detection of quasars out to z ≈ 7.5 shows that supermassive black holes with masses of ≈109 M☉ have already assembled by the time the Universe (...)

Propagation of axial black hole perturbations in scalar-tensor gravity, Hugo Roussile (APC)

27 janvier 2022

General relativity (GR) is a theory of gravity that has been tested on various scales with high precision. However, this theory is only valid in (...)

Dominique Meyer, Non-thermal radio supernova remnants of runaway massive stars.

20 janvier 2022

Stars more massive than our Sun, by at least a factor of ten, are rare but seminal objects in galaxies such as our Milky Way. Their powerful (...)

Vincent Tatischeff, On the origin of Galactic cosmic rays

13 janvier 2022

Galactic cosmic rays are thought to be accelerated in strong shock waves induced by supernova explosions sweeping across the interstellar medium. (...)