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Prochains Seminaires

What makes blazar jets cool ?, Anton Dmytriiev

30 juin 2022

Blazar flares are perfect phenomena to probe the extreme physics of relativistic outflows. The key method for this task is physical modeling of (...)

Scattering Transforms in astrophysics, application to components separation, Erwan Allys

16 juin 2022

New statistical descriptions related to the so-called Scattering Transform recently obtained attractive results for several astrophysical (...)

Cosmic-ray confinement and Non-thermal emission in star-forming galaxies, Paula Kornecki

9 juin 2022

Cosmic rays (CRs) are responsible for a tight correlation between the star formation rate (SFR) and the radio/gamma-ray luminosity observed in (...)

Friction in superfluids : the curious case of neutron stars, Marco Antonelli

2 juin 2022

The defining property of superfluids is their ability to flow without friction. However, the presence of quantized vortices can open new (...)

GRMHD simulations of neutron star mergers with weak interactions, Luciani Combi

31 mai 2022

Predicting electromagnetic signals from binary neutron star mergers is a multi-scale, multi-physics problem. The only multi-messenger event (...)

Boundary conditions and energy in general relativity, Simone Speziale

19 mai 2022

Even though general relativity lacks a notion of local energy density, Noether theorem can be used to single out a quasi-local energy in many (...)